Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my new art studio

I'm so excited: I finally have my art studio back!

Because of the various house projects this summer, I had to move my Attic Antics studio from a tiny room at the top of the stairs to my original graphic design studio next to our bedroom.

It feels great to be back in my old work space! It looks quite different now with the rough, paint-splattered fir floors and all my vintage treasures. Moving gave me a chance to get organized and now I can't wait to get to work creating some new trash-to-treasure mixed media pieces.

The shelves along the left side of the room are organized by grouping like items together. This way, I see at a glance what I might want to use for any given piece.

I also have a table filled with smaller items right next to my desk. I love being able to just grab little accents and play with the composition this way.

Now I just need to find the time to go play in my new studio!


Lida said...

Wonderful space. Came here from Etsy.

Fashion Redone said...

Coolest.room.ever. I'm having issues of strong jealousy right now.

Susansweaters said...

Wow, what a nice studio