Monday, April 7, 2008

design awards

Throughout the year, I usually enter several competitions for projects I've done through my design studio Defteling Design. Sure, my main goal is to design something that makes my client happy, but if a group of industry experts judges my work to be successful, too, well... that's just icing on the cake!

Last week I received notice that all five of my entries to American Corporate Identity got accepted – yippie! So I thought I'd give a little shout-out to my clients and highlight the projects that will be published in the 2009 book.

With a little help from Michelle Fortner and Amy Hall (thanks gals!), I created this logo for Savvy Girls of Summer. Jackie and Deidre are two authors who have done a great job de-mystifying the world of baseball in their new book titled "It Takes More Than Balls – The Savvy Girls of Summer Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Baseball" (click here to read all about it). Because they had a hard time deciding on which color combo they preferred, I suggested they use them all interchangeably, depending on the application. How's that for compromise!

I've already posted about the Neighborhood Notes stationery package, so I won't bore you by repeating myself (click here to read the original post). Suffice it to say, Lynnette and Ken continue to love their new look and have translated it into their printed newsletter and very soon, their website, too!

The above brochure was one of my favorite projects last year! The University of Oregon School of Music asked me to design a ticket brochure for their 2007-08 Chamber Music Series. Their requirements were that it be colorful and exciting, yet intimate and sensual.

My solution was to create powerful collages of extreme close-up floral photography combined with hands playing musical instruments. The cheerful color palette included bright yellows, oranges and reds as well as chartreuse green and lavender purple. I also kept the overall brochure size relatively small to draw the reader in, reinforcing the sense of intimacy. The client was thrilled, which meant I was thrilled!

Kettle Foods has put together an ingenious promotion called People's Choice that invites consumer input on new flavor profiles as well as generates some great PR buzz. I started working on the kit last summer and just love the final result! The booklet above is part of what customers received when ordering the "Fire and Spice" themed limited-edition chips pack. The five different flavors of spicy chips take on you an intense "flavor trip," and after casting a vote for their favorite flavor online, Kettle fans will soon be able to buy the winning flavor, Death Valley Chipotle, at their local supermarket.

Last but certainly not least, Cecily Ink's very own 2008 Desk Calendar won a design award, too! If you didn't get a calendar yet, it's not too late. Just visit the website. Plus, they're on sale for only $10 if you enter this coupon code at check-out: 08cal.

Sadly, these awards from American Corporate Identity don't come in the form of a statuesque figure like the Oscars (my number one pick for coolest award statue!), but I will receive award certificates, which I will promptly forward to my clients. A big hip hooray to them: thanks, Jackie and Deidre, Lynnette and Ken, Scott and Janet, and Jennifer!

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