Monday, April 21, 2008

feelin' orange

I've been so busy lately (the National Stationery Show is less than four weeks away, yikes!) that I have been feeling a bit stressed... so I thought I'd cheer myself up with some bright orange goodies! (orange is on my mind because it plays a big part in my booth design).

Here are some funky orange finds from Etsy that are sure to brighten your day:

Jewelry and accessories always make me happy :)
1 » DigiBling
2 » TotusMel
3 » Karlita
4 » Vaivanat

Soft orange stuffies, yummmm...
1 » MaidenLove
2 » Joom
3 » Kalla
4 » SpiderCamp

1 » BlakesWork
2 » AmberAlexander
3 » KarinGrow
4 » Carambatack

Cats in trees - must be thinking of this because all three of our cats are staying indoors right now (Dartel has to because he was diagnosed with diabetes and we need to give him his insulin shot every 12 hours; Pluisje's fur was so matted, we had to have her shaved and now the poor little 5-pound kitty is too cold to be outside; and Coco is a scaredy cat without her best-bud Dartel to protect her so she's keeping him company inside)

Amy Butler has such a strong design sense – I love all her stuff, especially her fabrics!
1, 2, 3, 4 » SewGoodFabric


Karin Grow said...

Thanks for featuring my retro kitty! Your blog is absolutely fabulous. I'll definitely be back to read your great posts.

Jessica said...

aw, thanks dude!