Thursday, November 13, 2008

more magnet mania

As you may remember, I had a blast not too long ago playing around with Amy's button machine (see original post). I got so addicted that I had to order my very own – and it arrived last week!

After tracking down the right-sized craft punch (a bit of a challenge, I must admit), I wasted no time creating some fun 1" magnets. Aren't they cute?

Sadly, the 1" button machine doesn't seem to like the thickness of my greeting cards, which means I have to custom-design each button.

I included some holiday-themed designs at last Sunday's Crafty Wonderland that turned out to be the most popular design of all – 't is the season after all!

I will list some on my Etsy shop soon so you can have a one-of-a-kind Cecily Ink magnet of your own!


Melissa said...

Very cute! Where did you get your button machine?

Alex said...

I bought it from American Button Machines (website is company – they have several different sizes so take a look around!