Thursday, August 20, 2009

vacation pix

We just returned from a few days of R&R in beautiful Vancouver, BC, and while we're happy to be back home, we do miss that glorious feeling of freedom!

My favorite place to visit is always Granville Island: food and art all in one place! I had every intention of visually documenting our tour among the various food vendors and art galleries but as it turns out, I only snapped a few shots:

I love breads and seeing all these crusty, flakey balls of goodness at Terra Breads definitely made my mouth water! The pizza bianca was so delicious!

And as we passed this pie in the window of a side hallway, I was stunned by its size: this is an 8-inch pan and the pie is at least 6 inches tall!

We shared a plate of cheese and potato pierogies – yumm!

As we ate our snacks outside by the water, we made a new friend of the feathery kind:

And this is what awaited us back at the Pacific Pallisades hotel: a row of six fluffy pillows to rest our weary heads. Sweet dreams!

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