Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(not so) junk mail

I collect all kinds of things, from antique ironstone pitchers to chunks of moss picked up during a walk, even junk mail! I know, I know – a lot of direct mail can be distinctly lacking in visual impact but during the last few weeks, I received some direct mail that I most definitely found worthy of saving.

First up is Target. Okay, so it's no surprise that they are über-savvy when it comes to design. However, I had never received any targeted mailings from them until a new store opened near us.

This coupon booklet contains the best-designed, mass-distributed coupons I've seen in a long time (love how the graphics completely tie in with signage at the store!):

And this simple, double-sided mailer had a fun, interactive coupon that you had to physically pull off. Admittedly, I did expect a bigger surprise to be revealed than the somewhat boring tagline – opportunity missed, if you ask me!

Qwest has been bombarding my mail box with junk for years but this one actually caught my attention. No return address, no logo on the outside – a mystery mailer! The headline was catchy – of course, I had to rip right in and find out what's "the next best thing" and how I can make it mine:

Not until the very end do you find out who sent you this mysterious piece – that's right, the friendly folks at Qwest!

Another company that makes regular deposits into my mailbox is Office Max. I've signed up for their membership card so I constantly receive coupons. I must say, though, that this one finally enticed me to open up the mailer: it was so pretty!

And look, this one actually does have a surprise: pop-up coupons! Love it, great job!

Lastly, while this one doesn't fall into the category of direct mail, I am excited to see what goodies will arrive in the future. During my last visit at Anthropologie (the epitome of visual merchandising!), I was asked during checkout if I was an Anthro member. No, I'm not – but I'd like to be! So now I am an official Anthro member, complete with membership card that came in its very own, very "anthro" cloth string bag along with a fun little booklet.

Alright, Corporate America: I don't by any means condone wasteful, useless junk mail but if you make it interesting, interactive and intriguing like these examples, I say keep 'em coming!

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Jenn said...

This post makes me want to take a second look at my junk mail! Ha!

I'm an anthro member and wait until your birthday. You'll receive the most adorable *gift*!