Monday, November 16, 2009

trash to treasure

This weekend I made the rounds at my favorite antique malls: Stars in Sellwood and Monticello in NE Portland. I hadn't picked up anything and was almost done going through the mall when this little guy winked at me from behind the locked glass display case:

He totally reminded me of the little elephant that I found last spring, which I promptly turned into an assemblage piece:

Once I got home, I checked and yes, they're both made by Rempel, a toy maker from the '50s! I already have a few ideas for this little piggy so stay tuned to see how his new home turns out.

In the meantime, I turned an old little, wooden drawer into a new woodland home for Bambi:

Check out this along with a few other assemblage pieces in my Etsy shop, AtticAntics.

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