Wednesday, December 2, 2009

open for business: my new etsy shop!

I'm so excited, I finally have my new Etsy shop up and running, stocked to the brims with matted and framed prints of my new illustrations!

I start by hand-drawing the illustrations in pen and ink. After I scan them, the real fun begins: digitally adding color, textures, and shapes! I love playing with scale and transparency, drawing some of the background illustrations (like the bee in "Taste of Summer" below) really large, only to reduce them once scanned. That makes the illustration more realistic-looking which is a nice contrast to the more loose style of the main drawings.

I purchased a new fancy-shmancy printer that uses archival inks that are guaranteed to last over 100 years! Yeah, none of us will be around by then so I guess that's an easy sales pitch to make... Regardless, the print quality is amazing and I use acid-free, fine artisan papers and conservation-quality rag mats so the prints should definitely last a life-time!

Look for new designs to be added in the new year! Check it out here:!


Amy said...

I just entered to win your day planner. Alex, these are so beautiful, and SO different from your other designs, you have such a wide array of illustration styles. Great work!

Sara said...

Hi Alex! Your illustrations are fabulous - I just love the crow print (I must be one of many who do)!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest. I'd love to see some new posts from you soon!