Sunday, October 26, 2008

etsy find

Yes, I've been shopping Etsy a lot lately, but there are just so many great finds! Take a look at my latest treasure: these vintage porcelain dolls just begged to come live with me!

They're from an old doll factory in Thüringen, Germany, where they were discovered buried in the mud. Apparently, these late 19th-century dolls are called "frozen Charlottes" and were also known as "pillar" or "penny" dolls.

I can't wait to carve out a sliver of time to try my hand at some mixed media assemblage art – at just a couple inches tall, they'll be just perfect!

In case you want a little Charlotte of your own, I found these three here, but have found some more here.

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Juliette Gautier said...

That is a great find! I love the story behind them.