Friday, October 17, 2008

shop talk – pomegranate

During my recent visit to Bend for a little R&R, I couldn't leave town without stopping by Pomegranate, one of my favorite gift and home décor stores in the area.

While I did know Pomegranate has two locations, I had never stopped by their River Mall store. I must admit, based on the address alone, I did expect a bit of a strip mall situation. But reality couldn't be further from the truth!

Pulling up to the site, my heart skipped a beat as I came face to face with the cutest little barn, its doors wide open and ready to embrace me. And that was just the beginning!

Besides the darling barn, there is a small cottage as well as the main house, all filled to the gills with a carefully edited selection of must-haves and can't-live-withouts.

Their fine selection of luxurious stationery, leather-bound journals, and boxed notes makes you long for a fountain pen and gold wax so you can write long epistles while seated at your secretaire.

And if you love sudsy scented soaps like me, don't miss their little powder room-turned-soap-heaven tucked in the back of the house.

I couldn't leave the store without this little orange tin from France – it now graces my studio next to some old woodcut letters.

And while I don't have any good photos to share, trust me when I say you'll won't want to miss the attic, which is filled with baby goodness.

120 River Mall Avenue • Bend • 541.383.3713

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