Sunday, February 22, 2009

lens baby

About a year ago, I bought a new digital camera along with this magical thing called a lens baby. Being a novice to photography, I was attracted to the promise of instant artistry to my shots. Let me tell ya, this baby does not disappoint!

To prove my case, Todd and I stopped off at Camp 18 along Highway 26 on the way home from a day at the coast. I spent almost an hour taking photos of old, rusty logging equipment. You gotta love the instant gratification a digital camera can give you these days – check out some of my faves from that afternoon:

Being a graphic designer, I'm naturally drawn to typography, especially when it's so cool and weathered like this:

Look, my and Todd's initials:

Am I weird to love old, rusty things with flakey paint? Probably, but I don't care:

Yes, no beach shots in this series; that's because I didn't take any with my digital camera. We did play around with my new Holga and Diana F+ but shooting on good, old-fashioned film means I have to wait a while to see whether any of those shots actually turned out. Stay tuned...

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Melissa said...

Great photos! I got a Holga for Christmas, but haven't really tested it out yet. I would really like to get a Lens Baby too!