Thursday, May 28, 2009

pet pix

I'm not the kind of proud mama who carries pictures of her kids in her wallet and whips them out at every occasion (they're dogs, after all), but I do think my doggies are the prettiest and bestest boys in the whole wide world so I have no qualms about showing them off on my blog...

Here are a few beauty shots I took during last weekend's coastal getaway. Meet Cooper, our 12-year-old collie mix (the "first-born"):

It was incredibly windy when we were on the beach in Manzanita - it seemed like the dogs would achieve lift-off at any moment! Their fur was actually moving in waves, like when the wind blows through a field of wheat...

Then there's Pogo, our bouncy goof-ball seven-year-old lab mix:

Pogo is a bit insecure at times but as a middle child, he's by far the best-behaved of the bunch – he even tattles on little brother Tucker and lets me know when Tucker is being naughty (like when Tucker sneaks off into a corner and pees, something that is happening way too often!).

And finally, here's the newest member of the pack: Tucker, a golden retriever mix rescued from a farm in Burns, Oregon. We have no way of knowing his exact age, but our best guess is around 11 months. Tons of energy, lots of mischief, and a total cuddle bug!

Tucker is very mouthy and picks up all kinds of things on our walks. We discovered that if we put a stick in his mouth on our walks, he pulls a lot less (no more heavy breathing like he's about to choke himself on the collar). The only downside is he keeps plopping down about every block or so to really dig into his yummy stick...

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