Thursday, July 31, 2008

shop talk – the paper station

I'm not a big fan of air travel (too many people in too small a space with too many bumps and mechanical noises!) but I am a big fan of the Portland airport. It's a nice, manageable size, clean and organized, and best of all, they have some great shops where you can easily kill some time if you're early for a flight or waiting for a loved one to arrive.

I especially love The Paper Station – as the name implies they have a great selection of greeting cards and other paper products (I found the cutest graduation card there not too long ago).

But what I really love is their variety of other gift items that make perfect hostess gifts. Just look at their selection of lotions and bath goodies! And yes, they have travel sizes that will make it through security – so your hands can stay nice and moisturized while you're a mile high in the sky.

And if you packed in a hurry and left home without your jammies, not to worry: you can pick out a new nightie or some stylish boxer shorts right there at the airport.

Need an extra carry-on for all the goodies you just picked up at The Paper Station? They've got you covered there, too, with this summer's latest styles of oilcloth bags, satchels and carry-alls. Love all the bright colors and patterns!

And last but not least, they offer plenty of gifts for the wee ones in your life. Great to keep in mind, should you (heaven forbid) have forgotten to pick them up a little something during your trip (don't worry, I won't tell!)

7000 NE Airport Way • Portland Airport • 503.335.3339


Pearlgirl said...

I had no idea this was even at the airport. Cool!

Anonymous said...

that bag is so adorable!

Bainbridge Island florist

Andrea said...

I love the pajamas/boxers - the brown ones! Wish Iknew the brand :-) guess I'll have o make a trip to Portland.

Alex said...

Andrea, I'm sorry but I didn't catch the brand of the shorts but I'm sure if you called the store (the number is at the bottom of the post), they'd be more than happy to tell you – hey, they might even be able to ship it!