Tuesday, October 20, 2009

modern mobile roundup

I've been on the hunt for the perfect mobile to hang above our staircase and was hoping to find something locally. However, after seeing some of these gorgeous examples, I may have to order one online instead!

My favorite (I think!) is this one I found on Bookhou:

Then there's this modern red version that might look really good: (click here for info)

I always envisioned birds somehow, like these from Criswell Creations:

But in the end, I think something less literal and more abstract would probably be best, like this one from PukaPuka in Sydney, Australia :

I love the all-white butterflies clustered together on this one from Royal Buffet – sadly, it's too vertical for our purposes:

And although this is wayyy too cute for our staircase, I just had to include it in my round-up: darling deer silhouettes from Salty and Sweet.

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