Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shop Talk – Urbino

While visiting In The Bag on NW 23rd last week, I couldn't leave without popping into Urbino, one of my favorite home decor stores.

And I wasn't disappointed! As always, their store was filled with inspiration and unique finds.

Right as you walk in, you're greeted with a table full of ocean delights, all artfully arranged.

But my eyes went straight to this gorgeous hutch – wow, wouldn't that look fabulous in my studio?

Urbino does a lot of custom work, including furniture and bedding – which is simply luscious! They also offer some great tabletop options, perfect for entertaining.

Their store feels like a wonderful home that you've been allowed to wander through as you please, discovering vignettes and treasures along the way.

And Urbino makes sure they change up the store with the seasons. Right now, you'll find a shrine theme with statues gracing many a table, shelf and buffet.

Wow, these ladies are so gorgeous and saintly, I may have to build a shrine of my own! (note to self: find out who's the patron saint of paper & design)

I always leave Urbino inspired – and with a bar of soap! They have the most amazing selection of guest and bath soaps, all wonderfully displayed in vintage glass and pottery, most of it on a giant table right by the counter. Makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, all these gorgeous colors, scents and shapes!

For those of you who can't make it out to Urbino in person, not to worry: you can visit their website for more wonderful decor ideas.

638 NW 23rd Avenue • Portland OR 97210 • 503.220.0053

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Judith said...

Hi, Alex!

I was talking with Todd, and he mentioned your new spring designs, so I had to pop in.

I saw your "note to self" about researching who might be the patron saint of paper and design. As a "lasped" catholic who, none the less, is still devoted to the saints, I had to follow up.

As far I as know, there is not a designated saint for paper and/or design. The Patron Saints of Artists are Catherine of Bologna, Saint Luke and the Blessed Fra Angelico (he has my vote!)

Of course, for those frustrating times when the muse has departed for whereabouts unknown, there is always my personal patron saint - Saint Jude,
Patron Saint of Lost Causes.

But might I suggest a rather obvious candidate: Saint Valentine?
Among other associations, he is the Patron Saint of Greetings, which seems to fit with much of what you design.

Judith (work with Todd at OHSU Library)