Thursday, June 5, 2008

best in show

The Portland Gift Show is relatively small as far as gift shows are concerned but nevertheless, it managed to attract one exhibitor from across the border who definitely deserved "best of show" in my book: Lu Prints, screen-printed linens and textiles from Whistler, B.C.

Lu Prints is a collaboration between friends Lisa Komuro and Ulla Clark. Ulla's Scandinavian roots quickly become apparent as you look at Lu Prints' strong patterns, simple use of colors, and sparse-yet-plenty sense of style.

This was Lu Prints' first time exhibiting at this show and I sure hope they come back to share their wares with us Oregonians. In the meantime, we can shop to our hearts' content on their website.

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DivaDeb said...

I Agree wholeheartedly!

I met these girls while I was at the show, was wowed by their products and booth design, and put them on my resource list. Then after my seminar, I led a walking tour of the show and stopped at their booth with 25 people!!!