Thursday, June 12, 2008

shop talk – oxalis

Wow, finally a sunny day! I walked through my garden and admired the dappled shadows among my blooming peonies, crane's bill and clematis. Time to add a few things in the bare spots created by last season's casualties. And Oxalis in Nob Hill is just the place to pick up some great plants – as well as a few other fun must-haves!

Open only less than two months, Oxalis has already established quite a reputation as an urban nursery and the spot to find unique gifts, fashions, and home décor. I love the fact that the store is in an old converted house – seeing all their offerings scattered throughout an actual home gives you plenty of ideas on how to feather your own nest!

I love these funky, expressive little mask sculptures. And of course, these purses are right up my alley with their modern pattern and the chartreuse-and-brown color combo!

You'll find a nice selection of greeting cards and gift wrap – I love the way they used Ikea wine bottle holders to display the papers! I actually bought three of those holders a few months back to use in my office just like this.

Oxalis offers a nice selection of easy-to-care-for succulents and other indoor greenery. Plus plenty of books filled with advice and inspiration!

Just wait till you step out onto the back deck: the selection of plants, pots and garden ornaments is quite impressive.

My favorite part (besides the fabulous plaid rain coat that's still on my mind!) has to be this heart-shaped rock wedged into a tree trunk off to the side of the house – it certainly sums up my feelings about Oxalis!

1824 NW 24th Avenue • Portland • 503.206.8568


Anonymous said...

that handbag is lovely.

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Pie Girl said...

I can't believe you got out of there without buying the plaid raincoat. I have to restrain myself from setting foot in Oxalis because I love everything in there. I made the mistake of going back in today, and that 'mistake' cost me $200. But what fabulous clothes I got and worth it! PS: I wrote about Oxalis in my blog today and linked to your post. Love your art. Best regards, Beth