Friday, June 20, 2008

Oregon Humane Society

I'm currently working on the summer issue of the quarterly magazine for the Oregon Humane Society (one of my Defteling Design clients). Last week, after acting as a judge for their annual photo contest, I decided to take a stroll through their facilities and try to share with you what an amazing place this truly is.

As you enter the main adoption building located on Columbia Boulevard in North Portland, you're greeted by two bronze statues adorned with collars and tags – as well as by the friendly volunteers at the front desk. To the left is the cattery, to the right the pet boutique, and through the center doors are the dog kennels.

What's really nice is that you're allowed to roam freely within those areas. That gives you a chance to make that special connection with your new potential pet.

I especially love the room full of kittens – they're sooooo cute!

There are several meeting rooms where you can spend some quality time with your cat or kitten of choice to see whether he or she would make the perfect addition to your family. I love the fun murals – really brings a sense of joy to the place, despite the knowledge that some of the animals there have had a less than happy past.

The dog area is quite a bit noisier than the cattery, of course, with lots of happy barks whenever visitors stop by.

There were a couple of dogs that really captured my heart on this last visit, like Snoopy the beagle and fluffy, scruffy Cody.

And how touching that someone left a special note with Blaze, explaining what a wonderful companion this dog is.

And last but not least, there are the "other" animals, like bunnies and birds, in a room right next to the kennel entry.

My husband and I have two dogs and three cats, all of them rescues one way or another (some strays, some from the humane society) and we've decided that five furry friends is enough – for now!

But if you are thinking of expanding your family to include an animal, please consider stopping by the Oregon Humane Society or your local shelter before buying from a pet shop. There are so many wonderful pets just waiting for a second chance!

You can visit in person or keep track of who's looking for a home on the Oregon Humane Society website. Or, if you have some free time on your hands, consider volunteering!

1067 NE Columbia Blvd • Portland • 503.285.7722
hours for viewing: Mon - Sat 10 - 9, Sun 10 - 7
hours for adoptions: Mon - Sat 10 - 8:30, Sun 10 - 6:30

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