Wednesday, June 18, 2008

web launch

Huge congratulations go out to Lynnette and Ken with Neighborhood Notes – their new website went live just a couple of days ago! What a transformation – you can now search for news and events right in your neighborhood, as well as keep up with all the hip happenings all around town.

Not familiar with Neighborhood Notes? "It's community-focused commentary, news and events. Whether it’s what’s happening on your block, your immediate area or the entire city, Neighborhood Notes serves up Portland how you like it."

Lynnette and Ken had a clear vision when they first started the blog: "The idea is to create a space where Portland communities can communicate and connect. Our hope is to inspire appreciation, participation and even collaboration through conversation about Portland's 95 diverse neighborhoods."

And I'm excited to be sharing some of my Cecily Ink blog posts with the Neighborhood Notes community as one of their contributors. Thanks, guys – your ingenuity is a perfect example of what makes Portland such a great place to live!

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