Monday, September 29, 2008

more eye candy

This weekend I actually had a bit of time to surf the web and I stumbled across Cox & Cox, an online store based in the UK. The photography is so soft and serene, it really creates an amazing mood - it makes me wish I could live my life in close-up mode!

Plus, their product selection is very unique. Yes, there are a few things I've seen before in the US but plenty of things are new to me – enough to make me consider ordering a few things and paying the price to have them shipped across the big pond (I simply must have those heart-shaped brown sugar cubes to hang on the rim of my tea cup!)

COX & COX • International: 0870 442 4787

1 comment: said...

oh, thanks for posting this! i'm on my way to order a few things (including that fantastic wire mail sorter)!