Wednesday, September 17, 2008

studio visit

I'm always so inspired when I see where other people work. Ink & Peat's shop (see previous post) certainly was inspirational – Pam has created a fabulous work space for herself! So I thought I'd share with you my own work space, which I happen to love.

I'm one of those people who is influenced by her physical surroundings. When I was in college, I always found it really hard to study in a cluttered apartment. While those college years are decades past (yes, decades!), I still find it hard to concentrate in a messy office.

So when I moved my home office for my design studio Defteling Design from the attic to the basement, I decided I had to have a nice view. A little hard to do when you're six feet underground, but I nevertheless achieved success: I look out on a beautiful, calm collection of various objects and photos while the messes pile up behind me.

Above: view behind me (desk was a great find at the Portland Antique Expo a few years back)
Below: view in front of me (the display ledge above the bead board was my hubby's idea and it turned out great!)

The view to my right: I started collecting old type back when I was studying graphic design. That then expanded into old enamel signs (I picked up the vintage document clip from a Dutch grocery on my last trip to the Netherlands). And my wall of fame, if you will: a sampling of logos that have won design awards over the years.

The view to my left: these simple Ikea magazine boxes store printed samples of various client projects from the past five years. Love the great Pottery Barn clock, which was a Christmas present from my sister and her hubby. The built-ins cupboards at the bottom are where I hide all my various computer manuals and software boxes.

One of my favorite things, though, is my entry way. I had my logo recreated in cut vinyl that makes the window look like etched glass. Now my clients can park on the side of the house (we live on a corner) and know they're at the right place before they come knockin' on the door!

And yes, I work in this very same office when designing all my greeting cards and paper products for Cecily Ink! No need to reinvent the wheel, right?


Shannon said...

You have a beautiful work space!

Erika Lee Sears said...

love the studio!

simpledaisy said...

This workspace is very inspiring!! I really need to take the time to spruce up my studio!!!

Rachel B. Design said...

Oh my God I'm in LOVE.

Melissa said...

Great studio! It's very inspiring. Mine is a work in progress and always a mess.

Midnight Creations said...

Love it, so pretty and inspiring, bet it is a great space to create.

Pixie Dust Jewelry said...

Beautiful work space!!

Susansweaters said...

What a beautiful space