Friday, September 12, 2008

my inspiration

As you may or may not know, I named my company Cecily Ink mainly after my maternal grandmother Ceciel but also after my mother, who shares that same name as a middle name with me and one of my sisters.

My mother never had any formal art training and it wasn't until just a year or two ago that she picked up a paint brush again. All I can say is wow - don't put down that brush!

During the last month, I have been lucky enough to accumulate my very own collection of my mother's art:

This landscape perfectly captures the fields of my childhood in the Netherlands - it even includes the Peperbus, the church tower in the distance that was a landmark for us kids: spying it on the horizon meant that we were only minutes away from arriving at my grandmother Ceciel's house, who lived in the shadows of that very church.

Our 12th anniversary happened to be on Labor Day this year, and my mom gifted us with this gorgeous portrait of Todd and me. She used my all-time favorite photo of me and Todd so I doubly cherish this painting!

And I was stunned by my mom's talents when she showed me this recent painting she had done of my grandmother. The likeness is amazing and the details of the chair, roses and background represent my Oma to a tee!

Thank you, Mom, for your constant support of my artistic endeavors, and for your generosity and kind spirit! I love you!

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Mari said...

So beautiful- your mother is really talented!