Monday, February 25, 2008

Goosey Press

As I'm approaching my one-year anniversary with Cecily Ink, I find myself thinking back over last year with much gratitude and satisfaction. Launching my line of paper goods has been an amazing roller coaster ride of emotions and excitement – and my good friend Amy has been there to share it with me every step of the way.

Part of what made this journey fun was knowing someone who was going through all the same discoveries as I was because Amy launched her paper company called Goosey Press right around the same time! After helping Amy come up with a logo and stationery package, she was off to the races designing her line of Mother Goose-inspired papers.

All her products use vintage-style silhouettes that are just too cute! She keeps her color palette very clean – rick black on luxuriously textured cream paper – while bringing in accents of aquamarine, pink and chartreuse with the envelopes.

And she's made it very easy to put a perfect package together: just look at the darling gift wrap, tags and ribbon combinations. Last fall, I wrapped a baby shower gift for my husband's cousin and you should have heard the oohs and aahs that presentation received!

Plus, there's an educational element to her line: all the greeting cards have a historical reference on the back explaining exactly how a particular rhyme came into being. For example, did you know that the old woman in the shoe came about because of an old tradition of casting a shoe after the bride as she leaves on her honeymoon? Supposedly this was to symbolize fertility.

And I'm not the only one enthralled with Amy's line. This month, Romantic Homes magazine featured Goosey Press gift wrap, tags and ribbon in a multi-page Valentine's special. Way to go, Amy!

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