Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shop Talk – Ecru Modern Stationer

When you live in Portland, your choice in shopping destinations is endless. One of my favorite places to hang out, though, is the Pearl, a downtown neighborhood that has seen a huge transformation from dilapidated and abandoned warehouses to hip and ultra-cool condos. Now the area has an upscale vibrancy about it that you won't find anywhere else in town – along with unique stores and restaurants that are hard to beat!

One of these places is Ecru Modern Stationer. A little off the beaten path, it's well worth walking the extra two blocks North of Lovejoy for a stunning selection of paperie. The owner LeAnn has exquisite taste and is constantly stocking her store with exciting new finds.

I love Ecru's distinctive wall graphic that greets you right as you walk in. What started out as a temporary design that LeAnn planned to paint over every season has now become a visual that's part of her store's overall brand.

Everything about Ecru is tastefully put together, from the actual product displays to the wall fixtures that hold the single greeting cards (cleverly designed by her architect hubby!). Modern display tables mix with a gorgeous vintage metal and glass cabinet that houses an amazing selection of writing implements.

I especially love the two floating ledges behind the counter. LeAnn always has a gorgeous array of products displayed there that represent some of her newest or seasonal finds, like this selection of ribbons, note cards and gift wrap from Paper Source and Waste Not Paper (my personal source for Cecily Ink's envelopes).

Even the display of custom invitation samples (above left) is simple yet unique (getting married, anyone? Ecru carries a fabulous selection of wedding invites).

Every table is stocked with paper goodies arranged in pleasing little vignettes that make shopping a feast for the eyes.

If you love Russell + Hazel products, Ecru is the place to go. LeAnn stocks a huge variety of their gorgeous yet functional line, including these fun rubber bands! And if you need boxed thank-yous or blank note cards, there's a huge table full to choose from.

And of course, Ecru has plenty of choices for gift wrap (yes, including Cecily Ink patterns!) So the next time you want to surround yourself with the ultimate in luxury paperie, head for Ecru!

1215 NW 11th Avenue • Portland OR 97209 • 503.227.2611

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