Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day Four...the final day.

Well, the final day of the Style Lounge proved quite exciting in terms of the celebrities who stopped by!

One of the first people through the door was Dennis Quaid with his lovely wife Kimberly Buffington, who really liked the robin’s egg Card File.

Now, I must admit that when Felicity Huffman walked in, I was quite star struck! “Desperate Housewives” is one of my favorite shows and I was a bit in awe to see her up close and personal. She’s gorgeous, even when dressed down in comfy pants and dapper cap. When I showed her Cecily Ink’s greeting cards with matching postage stamps, she said “That’s such a great idea!”

Shiloh Fernandez (from "Jericho" among others) totally agreed: “Very cool!” When asked to pick out some postage stamp cards to take home, he chose these four as his favorites: Miss You, With Love, Happy Birthday, and Thank You.

John Legend
stopped by with his entourage and hung out for quite a while. His favorite Cecily Ink product was the chartreuse Card File while Lauren Graham (she’s so cute in Gilmore Girls!) walked out with a pumpkin Card File. Adam Scott was a pleasure to talk with as he picked out a calendar and a thank you with postage stamp and Jon Foster really liked the calendar, too.

Meeting James Eckhouse made me flash back to my college days – to me, he’ll always be the dad on “90210.” And John Robinson of “The Transformers” was kind enough to pose for a photo after he decided he couldn’t leave without taking home a calendar.

Some of the people we met who have movies showing at Sundance right now include Jay Taylor (stars in “Donkey Punch”), Amos Poe (wrote the film “The Guitar”), and Pamela Cuming (writer/producer of “Downloading Nancy").

Other folks who dropped in at the Style Lounge included Anjelica Huston, Colin Firth, Saffron Burrows, William H. Macy, and Matthew Perry.

Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen's fiancĂ©) loved the postage stamp idea and said “these are beautiful” as she looked through all the designs to pick her favorite (the robin’s egg blue and chocolate Happy Birthday card, in case you’re wondering).

The highlight of my day was being interviewed by VH1 – on camera no less! I hardly had time to compose my thoughts (let alone check my hair or makeup!) but I think I managed to sound coherent. They couldn’t tell me when/if the segment would air so I guess I’ll need to invest in a Tivo and record 24-7!

The Style Lounge wrapped up at the end of the day with a quick flurry of product trades and exchange of business cards among the sponsors. I felt almost like a celebrity, walking out of there with a Kari Feinstein swag bag that was filled with a pair of Reebok running shoes, an Axis razor, a yummy candle, a cool Marnie Rocks umbrella and, of course, a fuzzy Tundra Gear hat.

Now it’s time to relax for a day and see whether we can score some tickets to one of the many screenings here – fingers crossed!

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