Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day One...

Yesterday was the first day of the four-day Style Lounge at Sundance Film Festival. As we walked down Mainstreet to man our booth, imagine my surprise to see my Style Lounge graphics all over a big delivery truck for Reebok parked right outside!

Once inside, it was quite the hubbub as all of us sponsors were finishing last-minute details in preparation of the celebrity arrivals. I’m surrounded by some great neighbors. Next to me is Axis, a revolutionary shaver and across is Tundra Gear, who makes some awesome fuzzy Russian-style hats (guess where they’re based out of: sunny Santa Monica! Not much demand there, I bet!) Then there’s Marnie Rocks, a Houston-based store with online commerce selling cool jewelry and accessories.

At 11:00, the doors opened and guests started trickling in. Among the many people we met, there was Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5 and his cute-as-a-button girlfriend. He snatched up some of Cecily Ink’s thank-you cards, claiming that after this weekend, he’d have a lot of folks to thank.

Jonathan Levine (director of "The Wackness") was also happy to walk away with three boxes of thank-yous designed especially for the Style Lounge – I guess the guys are drawn to the masculine colors and mountainous pattern more so than the colorful flourishes of Cecily Ink’s regular line.

We chatted with Emma Bell who’s starring in the movie “Death In Love” due to premiere next week Tuesday right here at Sundance. Her mother was so sweet and refused to be in any photos, saying “I’m a nobody!”

Kaycee Stroh (from High School Musical 1 and 2) spent quite a lot of time at the Style Lounge, visiting with every sponsor and graciously posing for photographs with all kinds of products, including Cecily Ink’s Fresh Style Card File!

Melissa Leo loved the Card File, too – she’s now the proud owner of a robin’s egg blue one as well as several postage stamp cards.

Although Maria Bello ("Coyote Ugly" among others) wasn't posing for pictures, she loved the Card File and took home a robin’s egg blue one!

And my sister Marie schmoozed with Alan Rickman (Snape from "Harry Potter", among numerous other roles), who liked Cecily Ink’s line but admittedly thought it was a little too girly for him to pose with – instead he posed with Marie and even gave her a hug!

We also talked with a variety of people from the press – among them were LA Times, TV Guide, People Magazine, CBS Paramount. And Fox even shot some footage of our display!

All in all, a fabulous first day!

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