Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day Three...

Things were definitely a bit slower on Day 3 but we were kept plenty busy with celebs, publicists, event planners, and press visiting our table.

Jessica Collins ("Big Shots" on ABC) and John Viener ("Family Guy") were enamored with the Card File – Jessica picked chartreuse and John pumpkin. Colin Hanks ("King Kong") was intrigued with the Card File as well (pumpkin was his fave) while Rebecca Kush ("Far Out") liked all of Cecily Ink's designs.

Chris Chaney, the new bassist for Jane's Addiction stopped by and chatted for a bit, as did Laurel Holloman, who loved the calendar. Scott Kusmirek of the Gin Blossoms stopped by with Matthew Moon and we chatted about Cecily Ink's colorful designs.

One of the nicest guys we've met so far was Jeremy Fels (writer/director) who was so excited to be at Sundance with his movie "Fix," which premiered to a sold-out audience. Being from Portland (Maine), he shared our sense of awe about how overwhelming it is to be here during Sundance.

Being huge "Survivor" junkies, one of our biggest thrills was meeting Todd Herzog, winner of "Survivor: China." He walked out with a calendar and a couple of postage stamp greeting cards – but not after chatting up our neighbor at Tundra Gear, who happens to be Aras Baskauskas, winner of "Survivor: Panama, Exile Island."

We also met a lot of press folk, mostly celebrity writers for Teen Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Cinema Magazine, Star, LA Times, and People Magazine.

Last but not least was Rachel Dratch (from "Saturday Night Live") who was so nice! She made sure to meet with everyone and actually seemed a bit insecure about posing for the camera – guess it was a bit too serious without her SNL cast to liven things up.

Phew, time for a bit of R&R before we gear up for the last day.

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