Monday, January 14, 2008

Stranger on the Street

I'm famous! I was recognized by a stranger on the street today!

Well, okay, so it wasn't on the street but inside the post office, and she didn't recognize ME but Cecily Ink's design and name... but still, a huge thrill!

So here's what happened: I had to buy stamps at the post office in order to mail out over 30 thank-you cards to prospective buyers from last week's Portland Gift Show. As I'm standing at the self-help counter, attaching my newly purchased stamps to envelopes adorned with colorful Cecily Ink mailing labels, the woman next to me glances over and says, "Wow, those are cool..."

Naturally, I take the opportunity to explain that I design greeting cards and that these are my company's thank-you notes. She leans in to take a closer look and exclaims "I know you! Aren't you the person I just read about in the paper who's going to Sundance?"

Seriously, I almost squealed with delight! She had read Friday's article in the Oregonian and almost called me that day. Turns out she's involved with several businesses in Gearhart and is interested in carrying my line of greeting cards!

Small world, isn't it. Here she is, thinking about getting in touch with me and boom, there I am, right in front of her at the post office! As one of my friends always says, "you gotta put it out there!"

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Tracy said...

Linked to you from Uppercase Woman, and am so glad I did! I am an artist and like to send thank you cards to buyers, but just hate most of the cards I see in the regular stores. So I bought a bunch of beautiful cards from your site and am really looking forward to using them!

Oh and pretty exciting to be recognized-cool!