Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day Two...

After replenishing our display with more products and our bodies with water and Luna bars, we were ready for Day Two of the Style Lounge. One of the first people to stop by was Robert Knepper of "Prison Break." He actually signed our note book as though it was an autograph book along with this note: “Beautiful schtuff and SO cute with the stamp! Tory loves ‘em as well!”

Tom Arnold definitely wins the “most fun guy” award today! He was hamming it up with all the sponsors. When he saw our “Sorry...” card, he said that it’s “the best idea I’ve ever heard of!” He asked if he could please have three of them – I guess he’s done a few things he needs to apologize for! He also picked up a couple of birthday cards with matching postage stamps, a calendar, and a Card File – now he’s got no excuse to not to write!

The “most gracious award” goes to Kevin Sorbo (star of the series "Hercules" among others), hands down. When he saw our calendar, he wanted one right away – he apparently told his wife just the other day that they needed a calendar for their desk! He also chose a pumpkin Card File for his wife, and when asked to pose for a photo, he draped his arm around me and insisted I be in the photo with him!

Giuliana DePandi (celebrity host for E! News) & Bill Rancic (Season 1 winner of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice") stopped by, too. They looked so in love, strolling along hand in hand. Guliana was taken by all of Cecily Ink’s colorful designs and was grateful for the boxed sets of thank-yous – she’s got quite a few notes to write after their recent wedding.
The absolutely stunning Leslie Silva (appeared in "StarTrek: Enterprise) recognized my line from surfing the design blogs! Way to go, all you bloggers out there! She was so personable and especially liked the postage stamp cards and the Card File idea.

Model Rachel Hunter fell in love with the robin’s egg Card File and musician Matt Sorum (formerly of Guns N' Roses and now with Velvet Revolver) especially loved our robin's egg and chocolate color combinations. Other folks who stopped by included Crispin Glover, Shawn Roberts, Vanessa Parise, Aaron Yoo, Emily Wagner, Cassandra Hepburn, and Michael Nardelli.

We also connected with various representatives from Saatchi NY, E!, Microsoft/MSN Entertainment, Life+Style, and Angeleno – all of them were quite interested in our custom design capabilities for future events and parties.

Last but not least, right as the Style Lounge was ready to close, Paris Hilton strolled in with her entourage. She was dressed in all back, wearing enormous sunglasses (even inside) along with a snow-white hat studded with sparkles that spelled out “Paris.” While posing for only a a few photos, mostly to benefit a non-profit organization, she did walk out with a bag full of Cecily Ink goodies, including a robin’s egg blue Card File (her favorite color right now is baby blue), a calendar, and some limited edition thank-you notes that match the look of the Style Lounge.

Wow, quite a day of excitement! Can't wait to see what (or who) Day 3 will bring...

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